Untried Courage

So I guess this is where the about me crap goes. I'm Taran, I'm 17, and I'm told I have a bad attitude. Get to know me or don't, hell if I care.
Dorm 321B if you give a shit.

I forgot how much fun firecrackers could be.

Especially when you’ve had a few.

Saw some people by the lake on my way back though. I guess there was a party or some shit…?

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    if i’m into that? when has that ever been a question? yup, i might be clinically insane but you know… wouldn’t have it...
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    There also might be a shirtless me thrown in just for you. If you were into that kind of thing, that is. Help! There’s...
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    …thanks Banana. I’m gonna climb down from here and snuggle in bed. Talk ta Ro and Bee tomorrow. Clearer heads will...